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Issues and bugs regarding chat rooms, visual novels, calls, text messages, and emails need specific information to investigate. 

Therefore, if you have found issues or bugs from the aforementioned contents, please provide us with detailed information below to get faster support: 

- The story (Casual/Deep/Another/DLC/After Ending, etc.) you are in
- Character's route you are playing
- The day and the chat room title that the issue occurred in
- Character(s) that you shared text message(s) and/or call(s) with
* If your concern is related to text message(s) and/or call(s)
- The guest(s) that you shared email(s) with
* If your concern is related to guest email(s)

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In case you have lost almost all the data that you had, please log in to your guest account or another account (If any) to check your data.

Please understand that we may not be able to provide further assistance if your registered email account has a typo.

Due to Mystic Messenger's one-month log policy, we may not be able to check the data from at least a month ago.
* If you are using an Android phone and have made an in-game purchase within 1 month, we may track back the records to find your account (please send us screenshot(s) of the receipt showing GPA codes).
* Registered VIP card code and Mint Eye believer code may also be tracked back to the account (please send us the photo(s) of the back of the card with the code visible).

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A black screen may occur when your game is installed in the external storage of the device.
*Please try turning on the game again after following these steps to reinstall your game in the internal storage:
[Settings → Apps → MysticMessenger]

If the issue continues, or if your game has already been installed in the internal storage, please try the following steps:

1. Delete cache.
2. Delete game data (data can be lost if you did not save your game progress manually).
3. Reinstall the game (data can be lost if you did not save your game progress manually).
4. Release storage by deleting unused apps.
5. Shut down other apps running in the background during gameplay.

If the issue continues, please submit your inquiry to Cheritz Tech Support.
* Please include detailed information below for proper assistance.

- Mystic Messenger game account
- OS version that you are currently using (Android/iOS)
- Game client version
- Device information
*You can check your game's client version through the following steps:

Android: Settings > Apps > MysticMessenger
iOS (iPhone): Settings > General > iPhone Storage > MysticMessenger

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The update reward hourglasses are added at the time you logged in. The number of hourglasses you see after logging in to the game is the number that includes the reward.
However, if you did not receive your compensation for sure, please submit your inquiry under "Data loss" category.

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Mystic Messenger does not support multiple device play.

Therefore, if you use an account in more than two devices - for example, not saving the progress of the game or logging in to another device without logging out of your existing device - severe data loss may occur.

*For a proper gameplay, we recommend you to use one device per account.

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General FAQ

There are few texts that are unavailable for reply depending on the scenario.
Please note that if a new text appears after an unanswered text, reply to the former text will not be available.

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You can Purchase it by tapping on the Max Speed button situated on the top left of the chatroom.

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An image of the character on the Story Select page will allow you to skip the first 4 days for common route, so that you may directly enter the selected character's route. To use the Skip Common Route function, you need to unlock at least one of the endings for the character you want.

You may play Ray's route from the first day by tapping on the "Common Route (Free)" button.
*The character's route you will enter varies depending on the number of hearts that you can get during the gameplay.

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